Digital content delivery

While it is easy to setup a web site selling physical goods without much programming knowledge, digital content delivery, such as eBook remains the territory of big players like, who takes a significant commission with each delivery. While it is possible to add a simple shopping cart from a third-party web site and bring the user to check out and pay, the content delivery is usually done manually.


EzInvia is a simple digital content delivery platform that allows anyone to sell digital documents or publication such as articles, legal contracts, diagnostic reports, ebooks or research papers through uniquely password-protected encrypted PDF. It is especially optimized to cut down the time author spend to mail the document by courier service or email, wait for the payment and deposit the payment.

Get paid

If you have your own web site and want more control over your digital content delivery, Ez-Invia lets you accept payment and automate the delivery process for a very minimum fee.

Copy protection

For authors of eBook, unauthorized copying could be a problem leading to lost revenue. Ez-Invia uses a practical approach. Each digital copy can be uniquely encrypted and password protected so that no two buyers have the same copy. If a copy is leaked and becomes a source of unauthorized copies, it will be much easier to track down and identify the original buyer.


  • No programming needed
  • No special server-side processing needed
  • Instant payment supported (Paypal)
  • Devliery by email or web link
  • Ability to encrypt document
  • Ability to password-protect document
  • Real-time delivery record

Case Studies


An attorney with a private practice prepares a contract for a client, charges $2000. Instead of waiting weeks for the check to arrive, the attorney can securely deliver the document to the client electronically as soon as the client paid the invoice without any technical knowledge of setting up a web site or payment system.


An author needs to publish a niche how-to eBook, while charged 30% commission. Using Ez-Invia, he could keep 95% of the revenue from each book. Without much programming, in 15 minutes he was able to setup a working delivery system on Ez-Invia.

Technology service

A cell phone unlocking company needs a solution to quickly delivery unlock code as soon as they become available to customers. Usually their customers need to unlock their cell phones for traveling and their order delivery is a time-sensitive issue. By using Ez-Invia, the cell phone unlocking company could collect payment and deliver the code as soon as it is ready.


A specialist needs to send diagnostic report from E. E. G. results to the doctors who ordered these tests for their patients. It shortens the time of delivery significantly and helps to improve patient treatment. Patient confidentiality and privacy is an important issue, Ez-Invia gives the sender option to encrypt each document. The specialist can also get paid first before delivering each diagnostic report, and shortened the time waiting for payment by days to weeks, and improving the cash flow of their business.


A stock research firm publishes weekly and monthly report on various stocks and their recommendations. These reports are fee-based. Now their clients can pay for just what they need and download each report immediately after payment. The stock research firm does not need to maintain their own IT infrastructure for content delivery, Ez-Invia does it all for them.


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