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TimeEdge software Ez-Invia is part of the TimeEdge software family that enables quick content delivery to and from a web site. It helps web sites to take form submission and deliver it by email without any programming knowledge or web hosting needed. Ez-Invia is a hosted solution that can get your form submission up and running by modifying literally three lines of HTML code.

TimeEdge Ez-Invia also allows a web site to delivery digital contents such as eBook and paid articles, by simply incorporating few lines of HTML code on any web page and our hosted solution can create encrypted and password-protected PDF file, collect payment, and deliver it by email or web to your readers. The entire process is automatic, your web site does not have to handle payment processing as we take care of that for you and when the payment is completed, your customer's order will be delivered automatically.

Ez-Invia allows you to cut out the middle man and let you keep over 95% price from your sales. You willl only pay a payment processing fee to the credit card processor and a delivery and storage fee to us.

Other TimeEdge software family products are available include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) e-Commerce web application, classifieds listing engine and web forms.

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