Customer Relationship Management & e-Commerce

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Commerce encompasses everything from creating a customer profile and account on a web site to order placement and management to sale tracking and after-sales support. Nowadays the line between CRM and e-Commerce in many cases does not exist anymore as the two merge into one system for more seamless usability. 

TimeEdge CRM and e-Commerce software is a cross-platform web application platform based on Python Webware that is highly customizable for any industry. It is not a hosted solution; instead each customer gets a full working version of the software with its source code to run on their own server. Out of the box it can be used for most web site offering shopping functions, whether they are tangible or intangible goods.

Regardless where your sales staff, support staff, retail operation or shipping department is located, all of them can access one central system to see orders and customer issues in real time. A support technician can solve and update a customer's issue in real time and make necessary orders. The shipping department can see what orders have been placed and paid and send out the package and update the order status. Each status change to an order can trigger an action; for example, when the product is shipped the customer is notified by email or SMS.

TimeEdge software supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10; Mac OX 10 and above; Linux; and FreeBSD. The advantage is that your live server and development computer's operating systems can be different and with little to no modification, TimeEdge software will run on both.

Unlike some CRM and e-commerce solutions from major software vendors, TimeEdge is not charged based on the number of client connections. The license is per server, and the amount of concurrent clients is limited by your hardware and software resources on that server. This can yield significant saving especially for small and medium businesses.

While the e-Commerce shopping cart and checkout process is the most visible part of any backend software. The internal features for managing customers and products are designed with a good balance of flexibility and speed to development to accommodate new requirements and changes.

In addition, TimeEdge supports leading database such as PostgreSQL (default) and mySQL. Out of the box, it is configured to be used with PostgreSQL, an ACID-compliant relationship database used by major web sites worldwide.


  • Based on Open Source software
  • 100% Python
  • Integrates well with most web servers such as Apache
  • Supports major databases like PostgreSQL, mySQL and SQL server (more configuration needed)
  • Supports sale of physical and digital goods
  • Customer account password securely stored
  • Instant Payment Notification supported (Paypal), automatically updates order status
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Customer notification
  • Shipping management
  • Sales report based on any existing criteria

Take a look into some of the features used in a web site selling a mixture of tangible and intangible goods in the cell phone industry.

Flexible and Quick

Manually constructing forms to interact with database tables is one of the most repetitive and tedious tasks. TimeEdge software has the ability to read from a database table and generate the necessary fields automatically based on category and make a form that can be used for search or data input. As the following screen shot shows.

Generic database search form generator
A list of existing tables is found and you can choose one to use for generating a search form

Automatically generated inventory search form
An elegant inventory management form is generated based on the type of data in the database table indicated


Intranet Database Management

The intranet allows all authorized employees to access their respective functions and manage each area of the customer or orders as necessary without separate systems. Everything is centralized so that one change to an order status is visible by other employees who need to access this order.

Intranet database management panel


Automatically generate inventory web page

While it is possible to generate product pages automatically from the inventory database, it cost extra CPU cycle and time. Also, for better Search Engine Optimization, it is better to have static HTML web pages for each inventory item. TimeEdge has a function that made this easy. In the inventory management section, choose the a criteria, such as brand name, and it will generate the HTML web pages using the brand name, model and simple description for each brand or each item. This will save thousands of hours of manual work, and is especially helpful to small businesses without the human resources.

Choose and generate inventory web page

Order Management

Order management can be searched by any criteria that exists in the database table. The most commonly used criteria are date and order status in combination.

Search orders by data and criteria
Not only to search orders, but an new order can be created

Order search results
From the search result, you can modify or delete an order, or send an email notification

Email notification

Communicate to one or many customers using the batch notification feature that allows, single or multiple selections.

Email notification choices
You can add a tracking number or note to each notification. Different actions can trigger different functions.

Highly customizable

For most businesses, the built-in function will serve a typical eCommerce web site. Because your license comes with the source code, your business can customize it as it needs. TimeEdge CRM and eCommerce software can grow with your business however it grows. We also offer consulting and paid support services for customized work.


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