No-programming web forms

Designed especially for small businesses and personal web sites that need a quick and easy solution to take data submission from web forms, our Ez-Invia provides quick form-enabled web pages without any programming knowledge, you do not need special web hosting to process the data. Whether you have free or paid web hosting, just by adding few parameters to your web page with the form, you can have a fully functionl web form in less than a minute.

We have a unique method to reduce spam to a minimum. Instead of using user-unfriendly methods such as requiring a visitor to read and type blurred or obscured numbers and letters in an image, there is nothing extra the visitor needs to do. The submission requires values that are not used or known to programmed robot form spammers, and such values are processed on our server side to make the recipient address.


  • No programming needed
  • No special server-side processing needed
  • Make the form and link it to our URL
  • Ability to add attachment (paid version)
  • Special anti-robot spam feature without user intervention
  • Two-level check for common input mistakes and bad input

For a live example of this, see the Order section.

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